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Ventilation Filters

Air  Filters


Dafco Filtration Group pleated air filters provide a larger surface area of media compared to the filter size, which provides a low pressure drop and a greater area to catch dust driving low energy use over the service life. 

Pleated Air Filters

Pleats of MERV 8 to 13 are available to protect equipment and building occupants. Self-supporting NovaPleats have a low environmental impact because of their metal-free design and our EnduroPleats are the best fit for the most demanding of environments. With those variations and more available, Dafco Filtration Group has the right pleat for your needs.

V-Bank and Panel Minipleat Filters

The Aerostar® FP’s unique, inherently stable filter design distributes are evenly across the filter. It allows for large variations in air flow and pressure drop without affecting filter performance and efficiency. Our 4V mini-pleat V-Bank™ technology has proven to be cost effective and highly efficient in removing a wide variety of contaminants from the air stream. Filter incorporates 193 square feet of wet-laid micro-fiberglass media in a 24x24x12 frame.

Pocket Filters:

The Aerostar® Rhino Pocket high efficiency air filter is constructed with a very durable synthetic media that resists tearing. The stiff material and heavy duty stitching ensures proper inflation and performance. Designed to withstand the constant VAV abuse and remain functional and dependable during the entire life cycle of the filter

HEPA Filters

The Aerostar® HV-Series HEPA filters are developed for demanding applications. This filter is specifically designed to perform in adverse, demanding, critical and sensitive conditions.

Box Filters:

The Aerostar® Cartridge Filter is an extended surface high efficiency filter constructed in a rigid frame. This filter utilizes a continuous sheet of wet laid microfiber media that is deep pleated with hemmed edge aluminum corrugated separators between each pleat

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