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Compressor Filters

Compressor Filters


KELTEC Technolab compressor filters and oil are suitable replacements for all major competitive interchanges. The technical characteristics of KELTEC Technolab products can be found within this site. KELTEC Technolab filters have successfully replaced all other major brands of OEM and replacement filters in tens of thousands of applications.

Oil Separator

The standard conventional oil separator is the original design for the removal of oil aerosols from the compressed air stream. This element design consists of a specific amount of a uniform grade of borosilicate glass fibers, “wrapped” onto a support tube.

When properly sized to the cfm/m3/min flow rate and corresponding operating pressure of the machine, this element will provide consistent performance according to the following data:

Pressure drop (initial): 2-3 psi

Pressure resistance:70 psi

Efficiency:2-3 ppm residual oil

Air Intake Filter

Atmospheric air entering the air compressor is the single biggest contributor of contaminants into a compressed air system, that over time, reduce the efficiency and life span of oil filters and air-oil separators. Keltec-Technolab has a wide range of air intake filters, utilizing cellulose, synthetic and fiberglass medias, of varying efficiencies, that will greatly reduce this contaminant and provide for longer system life

Oil Filter

In the compressor system, the oil itself must be filtered on a regular cycle to remove contaminants that may enter the compressor and damage the unit. This is accomplished through the installation of a lube oil filter, either in cartridge, or spin-on form, which then ensures that all of the oil is cleaned as it moves through the filter.

Filtering in 5–25 micron range (depending upon application), it is again, the depositing of oil-borne contaminants over time, that causes the oil filter to continually increase in differential pressure to a point at which it must be replaced in order to continue proper filtration of the compressor oil.

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