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Dust Filter

Dust Filters.

No matter your industrial filtration requirements, we have the right solution for you — backed by our knowledgeable service and support network.

Cartridge Filters

Superior, High-Efficiency Filtration Media that Performs

Donaldson Fibra-Web® cartridge filters feature a wide pleat spacing designed to improve the efficiency of pulse cleaning of fibrous and agglomerative particles.

The synthetic substrate is covered with a web of very fine, resilient fiber 0.2-0.3 microns in diameter to catch very fine dust particles at the surface of the filter. This prevents particulates from settling in deep in the filter substrate. The result is a filter that lasts longer, with significantly lower pressure drop than competitive filters. A wide range of styles and sizes fit most popular brands and styles of collectors

Fabric Bags

From High-Performance Bag Filters

Donaldson Dura-Life™ polyester bag filters deliver premium performance for general purpose baghouse applications.
Donaldson bag filters prevent static charge build up for safety and improved release of charged dust particles.
Dura-Life™ Oleophobic bag filters are the premier choice for wet, oily or sticky dust applications.

Pleated Bag

Longer Filter Life, Higher Efficiency & Cost-Savings

Donaldson pleated bag filters deliver longer filter life, higher efficiency, and greater cost savings over standard 16 oz. bag filters for baghouse collectors.

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